Welcome to the Neighborhood

5 ways to find resources and create community in a new place

1. Learn the lay of the land

Finding your new favorite coffee shop, restaurant, park or local hangout is half the fun of moving to a new neighborhood.

Use Google Maps to discover what’s nearby and read reviews.

Use social media to crowdsource recommendations for kid-friendly restaurants, gyms and more.

Walk around your new community.

See what’s busy.

Ask baristas about their favorite bar, and ask bartenders about their favorite coffee shop.

2. Meet your neighbors

Knowing people in your building or on your street helps you feel more secure, and makes for built-in friends who can help out in pinch.

Hang in your front yard. If you have kids, it’s a great place to play and meet people walking by.

No kids? Put some chairs out on your porch and host a happy hour.

NextDoor, a free social network specifically for neighborhoods, can help with introductions.

3. Establish relationships with local experts

Once you’re settled in, you’ll want to find a host of necessary services — from new doctors and dentists to hairstylists, dry cleaners and more.

Yelp, Angie’s List and Porch provide recommendations for specific services.

Ask your coworkers and friends for their best referrals.

4. Connect with your schools

Educational facilities offer a built-in community — lots of families with same-age children, all doing the same things as you on weekends.

Walk your children to their bus stop and meet other families in your neighborhood.

Look for your school and/or the parent-teacher association Facebook page.

5. Be a tourist

Get to know more about this place you now call home by touring its famous sights, visiting landmarks and eating its signature food.

Create online lists of best things to do in your area. Start checking things off.

No need to tour like a tourist — you live here.

Instead, visit attractions during their slow times — midweek or in the evening after work.

Build your community

Respecting your comfort level when it comes to putting yourself out there is important. Follow these six tips to break into your new social scene on your terms.

Be open to new experiences, but stay true to your social nature.

Host a viewing party for your favorite show.

Visit a coworking space.

Connect with your new friends on social media.

Volunteer or join a local community board.

Get your exercise in around other enthusiasts.

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